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Student Project Highlights

These G8 students had spent four weeks busy working on their Young Enterprise Project.

First, they had to come up with their own company names, mission statements, and corporate values. Next, they had to learn about market research, and identify their USPs, and identify a target market. Then, they had to come up with a product, carry out a SWOT analysis to determine its marketing mix and film a 30 second video ad for the product. That was just Week 1!


In Week 2, the students learned about revenue, costs and profit and produced their own break even charts.

The students then designed logos and came up with slogans for their products, as well determining their brand identity guidelines. Then the website design process began!

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In Week 3, the students spent the week learning about the appalling problems caused by plastic waste in our landfills and oceans, and learned about what we can do to reduce, reuse, and recycle our plastic waste. We visited a plastic recycling plant near to Shenzhen where the students were challenged to sort plastic waste according to plastic type. We also had a talk by Ms. Dana Winograd of Plastic Free Seas.

The following day we went to Shek O back beach and saw with our own eyes the scale of Hong Kong's plastic problem. In total, we cleared the beach of 75kg of plastic and other waste, but we also saw that despite our tremendous effort, it was but a drop in the plastic ocean out there.

That week we also had talks on plastic by Ms. Shen, Ms. Sherry Wong from EcoDrive, and Ms. Gloria Lui from Goldman Sachs' ESG division. Sherry and Gloria both brought different kinds of dissolvable plastic-imitation bags and the students had great fun trying to make the 'plastic' disappear into the water!

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Ms. Shen taught us about the chemistry of plastic. We pretended to be polymers in order to understand some of the chemical properties of plastic.

Students also visited a zero waste shop and learned about the commitments others are making to reduce waste, as well as making personal pledges of their own.

In the final week of the project, the students learned about business pitches, presentation skills, slide templates, and appropriate business dress. They also designed and printed their bottle/can prototype using the 3D printer.

Throughout, the G8 students had been masterfully mentored by the older students, and it has been wonderful to see each senior student take an active role in supporting the juniors. The whole project came to fruition on the Pitch Day.

They have uploaded all the products they made for the project, including the recording of their pitch onto their website. I urge you all to check out the students' hard work and to admire their creativity and technical skills in building such professional looking websites!

Click the images below to see their websites!



“My time here has been incredibly fun and fruitful. From learning Latin to creating self-sustaining ecosystems, classes have been exciting and varied. If you want your child to learn about the world and how it relates to them and the 'normal' curriculum, by being actively engaged, then this is the place to be.”

- Secondary Student

“My kids are currently enjoying the most personalized and targeted learning experience possible and I'm grateful that all the teachers are passionate educators, not to mention their exemplary qualifications and teaching experience. I can see how satisfied my kids are intellectually when they talk non-stop about what they have learned or discussed with teachers in class on a daily basis.” 

- Parent of Secondary Students

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